Carrying On: a Collection of Fan Poetry Inspired by the TV Series Supernatural

Carrying On cover sm

A collection of more than 50 poems that explore and celebrate both the TV show Supernatural and its fandom, from an international cohort of poets – some professional, some appearing in print for the very first time, all of them fans of the show with something to say.

Climb into the back seat and come along on a road trip of words.

“In these poems you’ll find the essence of Supernatural distilled – love, fear, laughs, courage, doubt, struggle and strength. A collection to give to the person you’re saving the world with!” – Jules Wilkinson, Managing Editor:

“…consume it as you would a favorite food or lover.” – Kim Rhodes, Sheriff Jody Mills

PAPERBACK available on Amazon by clicking here. Half of profits from sale will be donated to children’s charities. Each quarter, an announcement will be made on my blog here and on my Twitter (@wbmarsland) as to which charities have been selected.

If you would like to receive a DIGITAL version, please make a minimum five dollar (or equivalent in your local currency) donation to a registered children’s charity and email proof of your donation (such as a screencap) to In return, I’ll email you a digital copy of Carrying On.

A couple of points on this:
1. It’s okay to obscure any of your personal and/or financial details in the proof you send, in fact please consider doing so. All I need to really see is the charity name and the amount you donated.
2. I’ll be doing a rudimentary check on the charities, just to confirm they’re a real entity.
3. I’m in Australia, so there will be some lag in response time due to time zones. Your understanding of this is appreciated.
4. If you haven’t received your digital copy three days after sending me your donation proof, please feel free to email to check the status of your request. Please don’t query earlier than three days. (this is simply to cover any unforeseen circumstances such as internet outages and such)
5. If you’re drawing a blank trying to think of a charity, perhaps consider Autistic Self Advocacy Network
6. Your email address may be added to a mailing list regarding books & writing. You will be free to unsubscribe from this at any time.