March 2023: two poems enjoying North American publication this month, https://weltonbmarsland.com/2023/03/02/2-poems-appearing-soon/.

October 2021: short story “McDiarmid” published in new erotic vampire anthology “Blood On His Hands”, available now from Lethe Press (USA).

July 2020: new feature article on the history of Queer Punk in Punktuation! punk magazine.

May 2020: Welton’s poem “Trampled Underfoot somewhere off Route 7” went live on Concrete Queers’ online version.

July 2019: short story “The Australian Valiant in Its Natural Habitat” published in r.kv.r.y. literary journal (USA)

March 2019: Poem “Lone Traveller meets Kinetic Sculpture: Vancouver Art Gallery, 1997” is joint-winner of A3 Review’s March Contest (USA)

June 2018: Welton’s debut novel “By the Currawong’s Call” won the Romance category at the Bisexual Book Awards, announced in New York!


From Melbourne, Australia, Welton B. Marsland is a queer-punk writer whose stories, poetry and more have appeared in many local and international markets. Some of these include Journeys to the Point: Poetry by Young Australians, Concrete Queers, Zetetic, Scenes of Erotica, Australian Women’s Forum, rocknerd.org, Thema, and A Literation.

Welton spent 3 years covering the Melbourne Comedy Festival as a reviewer, and has had a story shown at the National Gallery of Victoria and another banned in Queensland (though not at the same time).

In late 2015, Welton self-published “Melbourne Rooms”, a short story collection celebrating Melbourne’s pubs and punk clubs.

Welton’s debut novel “By the Currawong’s Call”, a queer love story set in 1890s Australia, was released in November 2017 by Escape Publishing, an imprint of HarperCollins.

Other releases include “Carrying On”, a poetry anthology inspired by the TV show Supernatural (Editor), and a short story in the erotic anthology “Like A Spell: Fire” for Circlet Press(USA).