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Call for Submissions – Poetry

Wanted: poetry inspired by TV series “Supernatural”

The Anthology:

“Carrying On” will be an anthology of original poetry, completely inspired by the long-running CW television series, Supernatural. This anthology will be the original work of fans of the series and is not affiliated with the CW network, the show itself or its producers in any way.

It is hoped the anthology will showcase a total of around 50 works of poetry and will be published in both digital and print editions.

Kim Rhodes, who plays beloved character Sheriff Jody Mills on the show, will review the final selections and write a Foreword for the anthology.  We thank Kim for being on-board with us!

Every poem selected for inclusion will receive a payment of $20 within 30 days of publication. In addition, every poet selected for publication will receive a free digital copy of the finished anthology.

The Details:

Writers are invited from anywhere in the world to submit original poetic works for consideration.

All poems submitted must be inspired in some way by the television series Supernatural. The manner in which this inspiration manifests is completely up to you. Feel free to be as overt or as oblique in your references as you see fit.

Yes, there can be under- or overtones of shipping in your poems, if that’s the way you wish to go.

Strong language is absolutely allowed, though keeping things overall to a less-than-nc17 rating would be great.

Works in English only, please.

Any style of poetry is welcome (free verse, rhymed, sonnet, etc) so long as it fits within the line limits.

Minimum line length is 5 lines (including spacing). Maximum line length is 50 lines (including spacing).

Poems that have been previously published, whether in print or online, are eligible as long as the author is in possession of the rights. Please inform us, when submitting, when and where previous publication took place.

You may submit up to 4 poems. Please send multiple submissions in one file.

Entries are to be made by email only to

Kindly enter the word ANTHOLOGY into the subject line of your email.

Place your poem(s) in a Word document as one attachment – please only .RTF or .DOC files as attachments! Attachments with any other sort of file extension will be deleted, unread.

Deadline for submissions is April 12th.

The Fineprint:

Payment to authors will be made via PayPal. If selected, you must provide us with a valid  PayPal address.

In the event of too few submissions, the project may be aborted.

Editorial selections are final and no correspondence will be entered into.

Copyright to individual poems selected for publication will remain with individual authors. You will be free to use your work as you see fit afterward, though we request you refrain from republishing it elsewhere until after 6 months from publication of our anthology. In the event you publish your work elsewhere afterward, please include a short credit to its inclusion in our anthology.

Please email any questions to

We greatly look forward to reading your work!  Please feel free to spread the word to interested parties.

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